In the early autumn of 1924, a group of 15 friends gathered at the home of Miss Louise Titsworth and her mother, on South Brainard Avenue. 

They formed the “La Grange House and Garden Club”.

Since its’ founding, the prime objective of the club was the beautification of the Village. This goal has been met over the years through various plantings of trees, shrubs, perennials & annuals at schools, the central business district, along the railroad, the post office and other locations in the La Grange area. 


A portion of the club's annual spring Catalog Plant Sale and other fundraising activities that might occur, have helped raise monies to fund

horticultural-related scholarship awards for those in school district 204, our members education and civic beautification.

The La Grange Garden Club is one of the oldest in the state. In 2024 the club will celebrate its 100th anniversary; a milestone climaxing an enviable record of its existence.